The iPhone 5 and it’s Competition

16 09 2012

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The iPhone 5 has finally arrived, but this time, it has more competition. It a field where the smart phone playing field has been equalized, how does the 5 stack up to the competition. Guest regular Tony Bradley is with us this week to review whats new with the iPhone 5, and what the its competitors are doing as well.iphone 5 black & white models

Tony Bradley is a freelance tech writer, and author of the Net Work blog and column for PCWorld. He focuses on technology from a business perspective, and has established a reputation for being able to translate “tech speak” into plain English the rest of us can understand. Tony has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for seven consecutive years, and he is certified as a CISSP-ISSAP.

Week In Review Links

  1. NYPD Releases Social Media Guidelines
  2. NJ Brokerage Warns About High Frequency Trading
  3. Long Island Tech Incubator Now Accepting Applications
  4. Acer cancels smartphone launch with Alibaba at last minute
  5. Visual Studio 2012 bends to shifting IT landscape



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