High Frequecy Trading

23 09 2012


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What’s the cost of a nanosecond? For most of us in our everyday lives, its nothing. But to high frequency traders, it could mean thousands of dolllars. But why is this? And how did this happen? Joe Saluzzi is hear with us to talk about what high frequency trading is, and the negative impact it could have in the stock market.ADM8


Joseph Saluzzi is partner, co-founder and co-head of equity trading of Themis Trading LLC. He has extensive experience in equities trading and is an expert in electronic trading and market structure. Prior to Themis, he headed the team responsible for equity sales and trading for hedge fund accounts at Instinet Corporation for more than nine years.

Saluzzi has provided analysis to regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and as a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s new Subcommittee on Automated and High Frequency Trading. He has appeared or been quoted on market structure issues by media outlets such as CBS’s 60 Minutes, BBC Radio, Bloomberg Television & Radio, CNBC, Fox Business, and many more.

Week In Review Links

  1. Brooklyn Startup Donates Old Phones to Charity
  2. Board of Elections in NY to Count Ballots Using Computers
  3. Cablevision develops ‘virtual communal television viewing’ technology
  4. HTC unveils two new Windows Phones
  5. Apple’s iPhone 5 preorders topped 2M in 24 hours





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