A Beginner’s Guide to Thwarting Hackers

28 10 2012

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With the dramatic increase in password theft and the lack of security on today’s smartphones, protection has never been more important. In just the last 12 months, malware programmed for Android has increased 400% and password theft instance have more than tripled. So how do you protect yourself and your sensitive financial and personal data? Join us and Ed Barrett, VP of Marketing from software security firm SecurityCoverage, for best practices that you can apply, today, to help keep your online identify and personal information safe.

English: A Master padlock with "r00t"...

A Master padlock with “r00t” as password. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ed Barrett is Vice President of Marketing at SecurityCoverage, where he oversees the firm’s efforts to increase consumer electronic security through education and by marketing great products. SecurityCoverage has provided anti-virus protection through SecureIT for eight years through a national network of partners in the telecommunications, consumer warranty and retail spaces. Mr. Barrett’s background includes more than 10 years of executive experience in security, engineering and telecommunications firms.




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