New Years Tech Resolutions

30 12 2012

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Most people quit smoking. Other start exercising. But what about a different kind of new years resolution? What are some bad cyber habits you need to break? This week Noah Kindler discusses what things you can be doing in the upcoming year to better your online presence.

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Noah Kindler founded SocialShield in the fall of 2009 after having experiences with his online friends doing activities which seemed in appropriate and recognizing the acute need for kids. Prior to SocialShield, Noah worked for several start-ups in the internet and social space as a product manager and software developer. He is also a published author of a best-selling technology book on getting hired as a software developer. Avira, one of the world’s largest computer security companies, acquired SocialShield in the spring of 2012 and Noah has joined Avira as the President Americas, leading their efforts to integrate SocialShield’s technology into Avira 2013, as well as launch their Americas office. As a father of two boys, Noah is more aware of parenting issues and technology than he ever has been in the past.

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  4. [drag] Half of Americans leave landline behind
  5. [drag] ZTE to show off Grand S, world’s thinnest phablet, at CES

Charitable Giving Through Technology

16 12 2012

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As the holidays and end of the tax year rolls around, people are thinking about giving, and increasingly, that giving is happening online. A third of all online giving occurs in December, and 22% of annual giving happens in the last two days of the year, according to Charity Navigator.

As we take a look at how technology impacts charitable giving, there are some interesting trends including more charities taking paypal and other online payments, more sites that make it easy to give to multiple charities from one site, by-product giving through shopping “Buy one, Give one”, and gifting donations. But not all online giving is monetary. There are new online ways to volunteer, help improve your local community, or even simply share through “collaborative consumption.” Join us and Jill Finlayson to discuss ways of making a difference online.

Jill Finlayson is Vice President for Strategy and Planning at Dallant Networks, and an expert in social entrepreneurship and online communities. Dallant builds and maintains leading networks for global impact, including the World Bank’s Striking Poverty salon and the Ford Foundation’s urban poverty alleviation community – URB.IM. Jill has led marketing for Silicon Valley nonprofits, software companies, and numerous startups, including eBay where she was responsible for the Toys category business unit at eBay for five years. Jill co-authored the McGraw Hill book Fundraising on eBay, and more recently oversaw community engagement and social media programs for the Skoll Foundation’s social entrepreneurship community, Social Edge. Jill is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.

Learn about charities:
Charity Navigator ratings
Great Nonprofits for reviews

Fast, easy ways to donate
Charity Blossom
Network for Good

Choose your project
Donors Choose
Global Giving

Help Sandy recovery
Network for Good Hurricane Relief
Text SANDY to 80888 $10 donation American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Salvation Army.
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross
Ioby – crowdfunding local projects eg mobile bike repair

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  4. New York City Council Wants Real-Time Info for NY Buses
  5. Texting Increases Danger For Pedestrians


Holiday Tech Gifts

9 12 2012

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Its that time of year again, and we’ve got the best tech gifts for your holiday shopping.  Join us and Lonny Paul to review the hottest gifts in technology.

Lonny Paul is the VP of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives at Syste

Rockefeller Christmass Tree Arrives NYC

Rockefeller Christmass Tree Arrives NYC (Photo credit: Photo Gallery)

max Technology Group, a Fortune 1000 company and leading multi-channel retailer under the brands With over 20 years in the direct marketing industry, Lonny has done it all, including application development, site layout and design, back office application specification, blog development, web 2.0 strategies, online video strategy and management, search engine marketing and relationship management.

Week In Review Links

  1. Sandy Slightly Derails NY Subway Wi-Fi Installation
  2. New York Public Library Creates New State-of-the-Art Computer Center Amid Controversy
  3. House passes unanimous resolution to ban UN regulation of the internet
  4. SongPop crowned most popular Facebook game of 2012
  5. Verizon Files Patent For DVR That Watches Viewers, Delivers Targeted Ads Based On What It Sees

Next Generation Technology Trends in Retail

2 12 2012

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When it comes to retail technology solutions, old school cash registers might not be the technology you are looking for. Point of Sale industry veteran, Art Rosenbaum shares is Thoughts about next generation technologies that may or may not shape the retail industry in the next few years.

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till (Photo credit: Cyberslayer)

Arthur Rosenbaum, whose senior level experience within the retail and restaurant point of sale industry spans over 30 years, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of New Haven Cash Register Company. The son of the original founder of the Company, Mr. Rosenbaum is widely admired for his expertise in utilizing POS and cash register technologies for the independent business owner. His fields of expertise include point of sale hardware and software integration, credit card processing, and payment card industry (PCI) regulatory compliance.

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