Next Generation Technology Trends in Retail

2 12 2012

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When it comes to retail technology solutions, old school cash registers might not be the technology you are looking for. Point of Sale industry veteran, Art Rosenbaum shares is Thoughts about next generation technologies that may or may not shape the retail industry in the next few years.

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till (Photo credit: Cyberslayer)

Arthur Rosenbaum, whose senior level experience within the retail and restaurant point of sale industry spans over 30 years, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of New Haven Cash Register Company. The son of the original founder of the Company, Mr. Rosenbaum is widely admired for his expertise in utilizing POS and cash register technologies for the independent business owner. His fields of expertise include point of sale hardware and software integration, credit card processing, and payment card industry (PCI) regulatory compliance.

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