Whats next for Tech in 2013

13 01 2013

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This week Tom D’Auria and Mike Meikle of the Hawkthorne Group will discuss “What’s Next for Tech in 2013”. Tom and Mike will chat about Apple’s upcoming iPad 5, Microsoft’s answer to the tablet wars and how tech giants Sony and Microsoft plan to do battle on the video game console front. Mr. Meikle will also cover what the open source movement may have in store for the “cloud” and how this trend is even impacting consumer devices. Finally Tom and Mike will discuss how the chips that power all these gizmos are shrinking further and what it means for the average consumer. We’ll wrap up with the discussion with some final thoughts.

Consulting veteran Mike Meikle navigates the turbulent and murky world of management and information technology consulting. As an entrepreneur who has run two consulting firms, Corporate Consigliere Mike Meikle provides strategic, technological and management solutions for his clients. Mr. Meikle has over fifteen years of experience within the public and private sector across multiple industries. He has significant education and practical experience in strategic planning, risk, security, compliance and operations methodologies. Certifications he holds include Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Six Sigma Green Belt and a host of others. Mr. Meikle can be reached via his website at http://www.mikemeikle.com.

Week In Review Links

  1. [drag] Southwest Chelsea to Become First WiFi Neighborhood in Manhattan
  2. [drag] NYPD Launches New iPhone App for Citizens
  3. [drag] Artificially-loud electric car rules proposed to boost EV safety
  4. [drag] Microsoft confirms purchase of R2 Studios to push Xbox beyond gaming



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