Best Web Browser Extensions

10 02 2013

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The web browser is probably one of the most used applications on your computer, but are you using it to the fullest intentional? Did you know that you can add-on many different tools and apps to your web browser to make that experience even better? Join us as we discuss with Chris Haag of Oxiem Interactive to educate us on how to use these tools, and figure out some must haves.

Christopher is the web technology manager for Oxiem, an interactively-inspired, integrated marketing agency that focuses on building brand experiences for companies large and small. Oxiem clients span a wide range of industries, including B2B, B2C, education, healthcare and the public sector. Chris’s primary focus is on the technical aspects of interactive project management, server management and the growth of Oxiem’s technology team. Chris has seven years in the corporate web development world, as well as several years dedicated to e-commerce platform development.

Week In Review Links

  1. Christie to Decide NJ Online Gambling Bill
  2. NY Times Launches New BlackBerry App
  3. Microsoft, Symantec take down Bamital click-fraud botnet
  4. Dad pays daughter $200 to quit Facebook



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