Wearable Technology

10 03 2013

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Over the last several years mobility and wireless technology have become widely pervasive as both consumer and business technologies. What is the ultimate expression of this collective mobility? Simple – wearable technology. Google Glass and the just arrived Pebble Watch are but two small pieces of the wearable ecosystem, and though the most recognizable, represent merely the tip of the emerging wearables market. Who are the companies and what are the technologies that will drive this market?

Project Glass eyewear

Project Glass eyewear (Photo credit: robpegoraro)

Rich Tehrani, president and group editor-in-chief of TMC, is a technology industry expert, visionary, author and columnist. He has been writing about the technology trends for over 25 years and has reported on how computing power moved from mainframe to wearable fashion in numerous stories, blogs and broadcast interviews. Rich founded the Wearable Tech Conference and Expo, the industry’s premier conference that will bring together all parts of the wearable technology ecosystem July 24-25 at the Kimmel Center in New York.

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6 04 2013
Betting on a Technology Trend — Not Only Luck

[…] Wearable Technology […]

8 08 2014

Interestingly, half the online negativity about wearable came not from those who were sceptical about the technology, but from those who actually owned it (51% of negative chat was from owners) – hinting that the reality might not be living up to the hype.

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