Do Not Track Legislation and Consumer Privacy on the Internet

26 05 2013

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Adam Thierer is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University with the Technology Policy Program. His primary research interests are technology, media, Internet, and free speech policy issues, with a particular focus on online child safety and digital privacy policy issues.

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  2. As Tech Giants Set Up Shop, Workers Flock to N.Y. — Especially Brooklyn
  3. New York City judge rules website sublets are illegal
  4. Gmail service Mailbox redesigns app with iPad in mind
  5. AT&T Imposes ‘Mobile Administrative Fee’ to Monthly Wireless Bills

Computers’ Effect on the Human Brain

19 05 2013

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Is our daily use of digital devices altering the course of human evolution? How close are we to being able to upload our life’s experiences onto computers and live even after our bodies have died? Software developer and author of the new book Upload, Mark McClelland, discusses what the future of the man/machine relationship may mean for humanity – and his vision of the future is far from idyllic.

Mark McClelland is the author of the new book Upload. He studied Computer Science and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan’s Residential College and since graduating, he has focused on his software career.

Week In Review Links

  1. New Security Concerns as More Subways Get Wireless Internet
  2. New York State to Ask Smartphone Makers to Help Prevent Thefts
  3. BlackBerry finally bringing BBM to iOS and Android
  4. Microsoft votes for free Windows 8.1


From Sustainable Supercomputing to Green Tech

12 05 2013

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When it comes to large-scale datacenters and supercomputers, the general perception is that these technologies are far out of reach to the common user, whether in the enterprise or consumer computing contexts. However, a number of trends in computing at the extreme scale are merging with “lower end” technologies, including “big data” and, of course, the cloud, to create a perfect storm for a complete computing revolution.

Along the way, there are some issues that need to be addressed, however, especially in terms of energy efficiency and technological barriers, including both the power and memory wall. This show will provide an overview of where we are at the extreme scale of computing and how the challenges present there now present a lens into the future of mainstream computing’s challenges in the future. Join us and Tom and Nicole Hemsoth discusses the issues.

Nicole Hemsoth is the Managing Editor of HPCwire–a publication that has been covering the global supercomputing community for almost 30 years.

Her perspective pulls from across the enterprise and research spectrum of high performance computing to address the system, application and performance-tuning elements of modern supercomputing facilities, architectures and user scenarios. As the supercomputing and enterprise computing communities begin to coalesce further, Hemsoth explores the ways in which HPC has moved more into the mainstream, while still recognizing the critical work that takes place at global research centers and universities.

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