Apple’s Next Big Thing

23 06 2013

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Historically, technology innovation and economic growth have been driven by BIG innovations, e.g., the Internet, smartphones, and tablet computers. Yet, most technology announcements we’ve heard lately seem incremental. Is there a “next big thing”?

Technology analyst and author Bill Meisel thinks so. He says that technology such as speech recognition and natural language understanding that allow a tighter human-computer connection, one that can help unify the increasing number and complexity of digital devices we deal with every day. By addressing this problem of “digital overload,” companies can create a closer and cost-effective connection with customers. The overall impact to individual companies and to the overall economy can the tightening human-computer connection “the next big thing,” he claims. See if you agree!

Bill Meisel is an industry analyst, publishing a newsletter on applications of speech and natural language technology and holding an annual Mobile Voice Conference. Bill recently published a book for the general reader, The Software Society. Bill began his career as a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at USC and published technical books. He also managed the Computer Science Division of a defense company and founded and ran a speech recognition company. He is also Executive Director of the Applied Voice Input Output Society, a non-profit industry organization. He also makes The Software Society a “living book” with a blog at

Week In Review

  1. AT&T to Introduce Solar-Powered Charging Stations
  2. Time Warner Bumps Modem Rental Fee to $5
  3. France, Spain take action against Google on privacy
  4. Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced to two years in prison for hacking
  5. Vine Goes On The Offensive, Teases New Features Ahead Of Instagram Video Launch



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