Proving Concepts (Making Sure Your Idea Works)

7 07 2013

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Proof-of-concept demonstration projects can blaze a trail, doing something on a small scale, for the first time, but perhaps changing basic assumptions and potentially influencing an industry or the world. They’re also a way to validate a big idea without taking too much risk, too soon.

Gabe Goldberg is a technology communicator and consultant. He’s written extensively for computer industry venues including mainframe-focused magazines and website He’s also contributed to consumer publications such as the Washington Post and websites such as AARP and, and co-authored three McGraw-Hill technology books.

Gabe speaks frequently to diverse audiences, from tech experts to consumers, always avoiding jargon and techno-babble. And he strongly supports community-based technology resources.

Week In Review

  1. Douglas Engelbart, Father of the Computer Mouse, Dies at Age 88
  2. New York City Finally Approved for .NYC Domain Names
  3. Brooklyn District Attorney arrests 2 for radio pirating
  4. Cuomo signs tougher texting ban
  5. Apple Seeks Japan iWatch Trademark



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