The Tech Behind the Tunes: Music Festival Technology

21 07 2013

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In our day and age, concerts are far from what we may remember it being as. We don’t envision them like Woodstock from the 1960’s, but we think of laser beams of light and giant stereos to feed the music hungry audience. The speedy advancement of technology today is influencing almost every aspect of our daily lives and has made its way into the world of music festivals.

We have taken electricity out to the middle of nowhere to power days and nights of endless music. Light aren’t just to illuminate a stage, but are industrial strength lasers and patterned beams for viewing pleasures. We even take holographic images of dead artists and brought them on stage. And who need a paper ticket when we have wristbands with chips in them for ticketing and crowd control?

Benjamin Burnside agrees that today, the music is louder, the lights are brighter, and the way we share to the world our experience is better thanks to technology.

Benjamin Burnside has successfully been in the radio industry for over 20 years. He has been responsible for over a billion dollars of revenue as a Production and Creative Services Director, Consultant, Audio Designer and Composer. He has experience working in production at the top stations in every market with incredibly talented professionals.

In May of 2013, Ben announced the launch of his formal independent production house entitled “BB the King Creative.” He is also a member of Cumulus Media’s Benztown Branding production team. In addition to handling his production duties, for the past six years Ben has created a successful production library called “The Heat” for XRadio Networks.

Week In Review

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  2. Cornell NYC Tech and Girls Who Code Team Up for Computer Science Summer Camp for Girls
  3. Wireless Alert Jolts New Yorkers
  4. Network Solutions restores service after DDoS attack
  5. Google speeds up Chrome for iOS with new data compression feature



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