Food Production and Consumption Technology

28 07 2013

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Ever wondered what kinds of Technology go behind growing your food? Join us this week to find out the answers with Clint Christensen.

Clint Christensen is CIO at Christensen Financial, Inc. He has worked in technology as a programmer or manager for the last 18 years. More recently, Clint has turned his sights to personal food sustainability and production. In 2012, he and life long friend Scott Turman started Zero Mile Farms. Zero mile Farms manufactures and sells hydroponic system designed for the home user.

Scott Turman is a serial entrepreneur who has consulted for The Florida House of Representatives, NASA, Disney and various Department of Defense contractors. He has spent the last 20 years coding projects but his real passion is growing food in a healthy and sustainable way.

Week In Review

  1. Citi Bike Glitch Exposes Personal Information For Over 1,000 Members
  2. Thompson Proposal to Grade Web Providers
  3. Researchers spot new breed of infected Android apps in the wild
  4. Tile helps you find stuff you lose
  5. Verizon’s three new Droid devices: Thin, long-lasting, and compact



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