Technology and Music

31 08 2013

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How does technology effect music? What can it offer us to create new sounds? These questions will be answered by our guest, Matt Giannotti.

Matt Giannotti is an avid composer, experienced conductor, and traveled musician. His music has been performed in venues around Europe and the United States, including Spain, Romania, New York, and Edinburgh. He held the position of Composer in Residence with both the NYU Symphony Orchestra and the Rowan Symphony Orchestra, and has taken the baton leading the Black Sea Symphony Orchestra, Bard Conductors Orchestra, and the Rowan Wind Ensemble. Matt is currently Executive Director of Nodes Performing Arts, a non-profit music and dance performance company based in New York City dedicated to performing works of living composers and choreographers. He completed his Masters Degree at NYU and is about to start a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in interactive performance systems for music compositions.

Week In Review

  1. New York City Makes Test Scores Available on the Web
  2. Can you really be liable for texting a driver?
  3. Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac adds Start menu and windowed apps to Windows 8
  4. Android ‘accounts for 79% of phone malware’
  5. Syrian Electronic Army’s Alleged Attacks Expose Soft Spot

Effects of Social Media on the Psyche Part 2 – The Positives

25 08 2013

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Now, lets look at the brighter side of social media. What are the benefits we receive from being so well connected to each other? How does Social Media enrich our well being? This week Dr. Simon Rego is here with us to answer those questions.

Dr. Simon Rego is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience in using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Dr. Rego is Director of Psychology Training and the CBT Training Program at Montefiore Medical Center and is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York. For more information, you can visit his website at

Week In Review

  1. Amazon could be bringing grocery delivery to NYC…
  2. Facebook Leads an Effort to Lower Barriers to Internet Access
  3. iTunes Radio, Apple’s New Music Streaming Service, To Launch soon
  4. AT&T will round out 2013 with LTE in 420 cities and towns
  5. Almost orbital, solar-powered drone offered as “atmospheric satellite”

Effects of Social Media on the Psyche Part 1 – The Negatives

18 08 2013

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We begin our two part series examining the negative effect Social Media has on our thoughts, interactions, and feelings. Pandora MacLean-Hoover begins our conversation on something that is being talked about more and more.

Pandora MacLean-Hoover, LICSW, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice (Cambridge, MA). Her Awareness/Choice models for thinking differently are being used to create Brand of Self-Help Apps. Two of these, HornyGirlApp and Assess The Stress, will be available in the iTunes Store, October 2013.

Week In Review

  1. Judge Orders NYPD to Add Cameras to Officers’ Gear
  2. New York Looks to Regulate Bitcoin, Issues Subpoenas to BitInstant, Coinbase and Others
  3. More women finding jobs in tech sector
  4. New Apple iPhone not expected to have many changes
  5. Drync Is the Shazam for Wine

Tots and Technology

11 08 2013

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know kids and iPads are now a “thing.”

As a marketing expert, Tonia Gould has witnessed firsthand the potential of digital media to reach target audiences. As a mother, she’s also seen how technology can engage children and influence child development.

Gould, a product of Indiana’s foster child system, loved books as a child and says they encouraged her to dream for a better life. To Gould and her fans, her new app represents the marriage of child development and the exploding world of digital entertainment.

Tonia Allen Gould is a wife, mother, author, marketing expert, and sought after speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Tagsource, formerly Tag! The Creative Source, an award-winning eighteen-year-old consumer promotions and marketing agency, and BRANDHUDDLE, a new marketing startup that caters to clients, suppliers, and distributors of promotional branding products.

Week In Review

  1. The Transit App Launches On Android After iOS Success
  2. New York Tells Online Lenders to Abide by State’s Interest Rate Cap
  3. Slow Start for Taxi-Hailing Apps, City Data Show
  4. Publishers urge DOJ to rethink Apple e-book remedies
  5. Facebook launches Graph Search to all English-speaking users

NSA Surveillance and PRISM

4 08 2013

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Information security industry expert and CEO of cloud security company Vaultive, Elad Yoran, will explore the impact of the ongoing revelations of NSA access for cloud computing adoption– and explain why ownership and control of cloud data is a critical element in coming to terms with unauthorized data access.

An expert on information security market and technology trends, Elad Yoran’s nearly 20 years in the cyber security industry spans experience as an executive, consultant, investor, investment banker and entrepreneur. Elad also serves as a member of The FBI Information Technology Advisory Council, the Cloud Security Alliance NY Metro Chapter, and The Department of Homeland Security Advisory Board for Command, Control and Interoperability for Advanced Data Analysis.

Week In Review

  1. Now That It’s in the Broadband Game, Google Flip-Flops on Network Neutrality
  2. Timehop, The Place To Reminisce Online
  3. Millions of Sim cards are ‘vulnerable to hack attack’
  4. Schumer Wants Shoppers To Easily Opt Out Of Retailers’ Phone Data Tracking
  5. Gambler wins big by exploiting a software glitch at Aqueduct Resorts World