NSA Surveillance and PRISM

4 08 2013

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Information security industry expert and CEO of cloud security company Vaultive, Elad Yoran, will explore the impact of the ongoing revelations of NSA access for cloud computing adoption– and explain why ownership and control of cloud data is a critical element in coming to terms with unauthorized data access.

An expert on information security market and technology trends, Elad Yoran’s nearly 20 years in the cyber security industry spans experience as an executive, consultant, investor, investment banker and entrepreneur. Elad also serves as a member of The FBI Information Technology Advisory Council, the Cloud Security Alliance NY Metro Chapter, and The Department of Homeland Security Advisory Board for Command, Control and Interoperability for Advanced Data Analysis.

Week In Review

  1. Now That It’s in the Broadband Game, Google Flip-Flops on Network Neutrality
  2. Timehop, The Place To Reminisce Online
  3. Millions of Sim cards are ‘vulnerable to hack attack’
  4. Schumer Wants Shoppers To Easily Opt Out Of Retailers’ Phone Data Tracking
  5. Gambler wins big by exploiting a software glitch at Aqueduct Resorts World



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