Beyond the Cloud: Preparing for the ‘Hyper Cloud’ Environment

22 09 2013

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Cloud computing expert and chief technology officer of IT monitoring company ScienceLogic will explore the concept of the ‘hyper cloud’ and how it will impact the enterprise.

Industry expert Antonio Piraino guides ScienceLogic’s IT management vision and product strategy as chief technology officer. Antonio has 15 years of IT experience in sectors ranging from telecommunications to software development, and was previously an analyst at Tier 1 Research. As an analyst he conducted in-depth research and analysis on the cloud computing, data center and hosting technology industries.

Week In Review

  1. MTA plans at least 120 digital subway station kiosks
  2. Bloomberg warns of illegal online gun sales
  3. E-ZPasses Get Read All Over New York
  4. Apple TV 6.0 adds AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes Radio, more
  5. The father of Super Mario, who also gave the world Pokemon, dies aged 85 after 50 years at helm of Nintendo Read more: Follow us: @MailOnli



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