Technology in the Obamacare Age

6 10 2013

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Join us and Joel Denton this week as we discuss how technology will play a role in healthcare as Affordable Care Act moves into effect.

Joel’s world is a combination of the cutting edge and the traditional. For aptitude, a healthcare software company, he works on some of the most innovative technology in the healthcare space – but in his spare time he enjoys working on more tactile projects in his wood shop.

Before joining aptitude, he was a key technology player at VHA since 1997, where he served for seven years as a consultant and nine as an employee. He was the technology lead on VHA’s first-ever web application, helped found the enterprise architecture team and created the domain models for all the key entities at VHA, including membership, suppliers, products, contracts and pricing.

Week In Review

  1. Hackers blamed for NY’s ObamaCare breakdown
  2. A Techie Bid for Mayor
  3. Apple working to resolve iMessages issues
  4. Bitcoin value drops after FBI shuts Silk Road drug purchasing website



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