Electric Vehicle Technology and the Green Space

15 12 2013

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What do Electric Vehicles have to offer us? What is the technology behind it? James Bell answer’s all of Tom’s questions this week on IMI’s Tech Talk.

With over 16 years of experience, James Bell is a nationally recognized and authoritative resource within the automotive industry. During his tenure, James has diligently analyzed and effectively communicated automotive data and research to multiple constituencies, including the national and international media, automotive manufacturers, dealers, and the every-day car shopper. In addition, he has been featured on national television news shows on CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, national and local talk radio, as well as within the pages of both respected newspapers and automotive trade publications.

Week In Review

  1. Consumer Price Tracking Data Reveals Top Four Toys
  2. New York Asks Cellphone Carriers to Explain Why They Rejected Antitheft Switch
  3. MTA tests motion sensing lasers, thermal image cameras to save fallen straphangers from subway trains
  4. Big bucks for Bitcoin: Coinbase raises $25M to push Bitcoin into the mainstream
  5. Apple TV gets ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KORTV channels



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