What is the Deep Web, and why is Washington scared?

5 01 2014

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IMI Tech Talk covers the “Deep Web” and why Washington, other governments, and some businesses are scared of it. Learn about what the Deep Web is, how it’s accessed, what can be found there, and why politicians are scrambling to keep up. Separate fact from fiction over things like the Silk Road, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and how the Deep Web is used by advocates of voluntaryism and free speech as well.

Thomas J. Quinlan has 13 years professional experience with technology, with extensive experience in network and application security, electronic discovery, and digital forensics. He has held positions at several technology companies, in charge of network and application security for some of the internet’s largest on-line applications, as well as leadership of large scale eDiscovery projects, and digital forensic investigations . He is certified in Computer Security (CISSP), Computer Forensics (EnCE), as well as Malware Reverse Engineering (GREM). He also serves as a member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for Linux Journal.

Week In Review

  1. New site gives weekly data on NYC 911 responses
  2. Verizon CEO says NY wireless problems are nearly fixed
  3. Professor says online conversations are damaging how we speak to each other in real life
  4. White House task urges steps to rein in scope of NSA eavesdropping activities
  5. Amazon Teams With Companies in China for Cloud Service



One response

2 04 2014
Cybersecurity Trends for 2014 – Trend 4 – The Deep Web Surfaces : Thomas Quinlan

[…] year called “What is the Deep Web and why is Washington Scared?” That talk can be found here: https://imitechtalk.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/what-is-the-deep-web-and-why-is-washington-scared/ In it, I explained how the Deep Web came to be – through a US Naval project called “The […]

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