What is ‘Startup Culture’?

2 03 2014

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Fred Dawkins is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years experience and achievements in manufacturing, retail, land development, consulting and import/export. He holds a B Com in commerce and finance and a M.A. in economics from the University of Toronto. Everyday Entrepreneur is the first book in Dawkins’ Entrepreneurial Edge series, and is currently available at all booksellers, including Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo. His novel, 2020 Hindsight, explores major contradictory trends in society in a compelling contemporary fiction narrative, and is forthcoming as an e-book on Amazon.com.

Week In Review

  1. Mobile parking apps find a spot in NYC
  2. NYPD Taps Jessica Tisch as Tech Liaison
  3. New App Aims to Make Laundry Hassle Free on Upper East Side
  4. UK spies captured millions of Yahoo users’ webcam images
  5. Google glass suffers another blow as woman is assaulted for wearing one



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