Preventing Cybercrime

16 03 2014

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The more sophisticated cyber attacks get, the more our tools do to protect us against them. But as always the Human is the weakest link. So join us this week as Rick Sutton teaches us on how to Prevent Cybercrime.

Rick Sutton manages the Weidenhammer Consulting Group, the business consulting division of Weidenhammer Systems Corporation. He has 30 years of leadership experience in business management, including 20 years in strategic planning, information technology, operational improvement, project management, and risk management.

Rick regularly performs technology assessments, developing strategic road maps for companies to improve their IT operations and increase their reliability. Most recently he helped develop the business continuity plan for a regional bank in New Jersey and he developed the IT strategic plan for a distribution consulting firm in Pennsylvania.

Week In Review

  1. Google may launch its first U.S. retail store in New York — right next to the Apple Store
  2. New York to Accept Bitcoin-Exchange Proposals to Speed New Rules
  3. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg phones Obama about NSA
  4. Target Missed Signs of a Data Breach



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