Google Glass and Other Wearables

30 03 2014

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There is much excitement about wearable devices like Google Glass and fitness bands these days, but how do we make sense of whether this is a fad or the “next big thing” in technology? Are these devices we strap to our bodies really changing our behaviors or are they complicating social etiquettes? Join us as Jason LaFollette and Ben McGinnis of Citrrus tell us what we need to know about the current—and future—state of wearable tech.

Jason LaFollette is the Founder & CEO of Citrrus—a mobile consulting agency just outside of Washington DC. Under his leadership, the Citrrus team is well on their way to mastering mobile-connected devices in 2014 and are already seeing early wins with new wearable startup clients.

Ben McGinnis is the Chief Operating Officer at Citrrus. Born 3 months after the first Macintosh computer came out, he has made Apple Computers and new tech the backbone of his life’s work. At Citrrus, Ben is responsible for successful communication across the team and keeps our clients happy. He has been involved in nearly every app Citrrus has deployed and has firsthand experience wearing Google Glass..

Week In Review

  1. New York Public Library partners with Zola to offer algorithmic book recommendations
  2. Cookapp, a new website, turns NY apartments into restaurants for a night
  3. Facebook shares take a hit following Oculus purchase
  4. Samsung LED Smart Bulb Uses Bluetooth to Control Brightness
  5. Calyx Reaches New Heights With Carinata-based Biojet Fuel



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