Pirated Software: It’s common, it’s dangerous and why you need to be aware

4 05 2014

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There is a clear connection between software piracy and malware, increasing the risk of cybersecurity issues. Cybercrime and efforts to illegally profit from pirated software have become increasingly sophisticated, and Microsoft continues to evolve its technology and tactics to protect its customers, partners and Intellectual Property. IDC research clearly shows that malware in pirated software can be a lucrative venture for cybercrime, and a financial hazard for customers and enterprises. Microsoft is continuously investing in its Digital Crimes Unit, and Cybercrime Center, to reduce global cybersecurity threats and cybercrime to create a safer computing experience for consumers. Microsoft believes it has a corporate responsibility to develop secure software systems and to help protect the Internet from cybercriminals – all part of its “Trustworthy Computing” pledge. Microsoft reminds people to ask questions, investigate packaging, beware of “too good to be true” prices, and ensure genuine software is kept current with the latest updates.

Mr. Morrison is currently the Director of US Anti-Piracy at Microsoft. Previously at Microsoft he has been the Director of Customer and Partner Experience for US Small, Medium Businesses and Partners (SMSP). He is a seasoned high tech veteran, has a MBA in Finance, a BS in Marketing and currently lives in the Portland OR area.

Week In Review

  1. Apple, Facebook and Google will tell you when the government wants your data
  2. A nonprofit in Queens taught people to write iPhone apps, and they saw a major jump in income
  3. Bronx waitress wants to end hunger in the city with a cell phone app
  4. Google to Stop Mining Student Emails for Ad Ideas
  5. IE zero day is the first sign of the XPocalypse



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