3D Printing

25 05 2014

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3D printing is already a useful technology, particularly for manufacturers and healthcare providers. But it has the potential to be a disruptive technology that enables major shifts in how we design, produce and acquire products. From hardware to food to fashion, entire industries may be changed by the introduction of 3D printing on a large scale. But how will it have such widespread effect? What are the practical implications of 3D printing – for businesses and consumers – and what are the hurdles to its development? Paul Schwada joins us this week to discuss this topic.

Paul Schwada is currently the Director of Locomotive Solutions, a Chicago-based management consultancy. He has worked both for and with a broad range of companies in business, consumer and government markets. His focus today is the reshaping of healthy businesses for tomorrow’s market.

Week In Review

  1. Yahoo to YouTube Ads Spreading Viruses Rile Lawmakers
  2. Airbnb to hand over user data to New York attorney general
  3. Gizmodo Built The ‘Home Of The Future’ — And It Looks Really Cool
  4. Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 tablet
  5. Apple Promises iMessage Bug Fix



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