Confidential Collaboration: Secure Business File Sharing in Today’s Cybercrime-laden Environment

27 07 2014

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That open glowing blue box icon on your desktop is friendly—and functional. It invitingly seems to say, “Put your files in here—and work on them from anywhere, with anyone—for added convenience and productivity.” But that little blue box delivers more than convenience. Consumer-grade file sharing solutions, like Dropbox, invite data sprawl, loss of control, and increased security risks for companies nationwide. Heinan Landa, CEO of Optimal Networks (, an IT support and strategic consulting company, talks about the risks (spoiler alert: you are probably at fault) and what can be done to mitigate your corporation’s risk.

As CEO of Optimal Networks, Heinan Landa has been providing managed IT services to hundreds of clients since 1991. His team uses their high spirit to fuel a commitment to unwavering client service and technology guidance; they deliver unparalleled business and technical expertise to law firms, associations, and small and mid-sized businesses and organizations in the Washington, D.C. community.

Heinan earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. It was here that he developed the idea for Optimal Networks and crafted a business plan emphasizing corporate culture that helped guide the company through its formative years.

Week In Review

  1. In Support of Mayor de Blasio’s Launch of The Tech Talent Pipeline, First Tech Talent Summit Held in New York City
  2. Google In The Running To Turn NYC Pay Phones Into Free Wi-Fi Hotspots
  3. Etsy Weighs In on Net Neutrality as FCC Comment Deadline Looms
  4. GM expects to pay more than $400M to victims of faulty ignition switch
  5. e Grants Over Half of ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Requests Processed So Far



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