Managing a Law Office from Anytime and Anyplace with Mobile Technology

24 08 2014

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Matt Spiegel leads the product strategy for MyCase, web-based legal practice management software. He studies the market, talks with customers and works closely with the engineering team to create industry leading software. He is also a successful trial lawyer and leverages his firsthand experience in the legal profession to direct the MyCase product line. In addition to being competitive in the courtroom, Matt enjoys rock climbing, golf and intense games of tennis. Matt worked as a criminal defense attorney at San Diego’s largest consumer law firm for four years before starting his own practice in 2009.

Week In Review

  1. NYPD cops have been warned against using their personal cell phones to record video or take photos while on duty
  2. Barnes & Noble Starts Selling Samsung Tablet With Nook Software
  3. Netflix Inks Time Warner Cable Deal for Faster Streams
  4. OnBeep raises $6.25M as it puts the finishing touches on its walkie-talkie wearable
  5. City Council bill would send drivers instant traffic ticket e-mails



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