The Past, Present, and Future of Social Networks

5 10 2014

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With the rise of Ello, we are taking a look at the history of social networks, and what our guest, Ryan Freeze believes is the future of social.

Ryan love challenges and creating solutions. Having been doing this web stuff since 1995, Ryan has been exposed to a lot of different business models.

You can find Ryan at various conferences and events. Ryan participates in workshops, panels, seminars, and sometimes Ryan just likes to talk over a single malt whiskey. Ryan is either a board member, managing partner, or otherwise involved in a number of exciting businesses looking to disrupt consumer relations for good.

You can interact and read more about Ryan Freeze at his website: or on Twitter @rynfrz.

Week In Review

  1. Startups offer New Yorkers ways to earn some extra cash
  2. New York Media Outlets Revamp Site for Schools
  3. Following the emotions study fiasco, Facebook is changing the way it experiments on users
  4. Elon Musk promises Tesla ‘D’ details



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