Google Wallet, Apple Pay, CurrentC and Bitcoins: Payments of the Future

30 11 2014

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Google Wallet came first, and while Apple was working on their payments, the credit/debit card providers started working on their own payment of the future. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is still hanging around. Curt Schmidek joins us today to help discern the differences between them all, and how they all operate.

Curt is responsible for defining LitePoint’s wireless production test
solutions. Curt has over 25 years of experience in wireless product
development and marketing, ranging from semiconductors, intellectual property development, and ODM services. He has held a variety of management positions in Silicon Valley including National Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, and Tropian (acquired by Panasonic). He received his BSEE from the University of California at Davis and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University.

Week In Review

  1. City Council Course Offering: Open Data 101
  2. Schumer calls for drone regulations
  3. Scavenger hunt leads to a job at IBM’s Watson group
  4. Google Fiber prices for Austin detailed
  5. Robot security guards now patrolling Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus



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