New Years Technology Resolutions for 2015

11 01 2015

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If you are a techie, you might have thought of some things you need to do this year. Maybe you need to learn a new skill, double check that backup system, or figure out a way to disconnect. Michael Bremmer is here with us to discuss what New Years Technology Resolutions you could keep this year.

Michael Bremmer is the CEO of and has been consulting for over 20 years with mid-sized and large businesses improving their technology plans to keep them years ahead of their competitors.

He has been called on for his expertise in this field by countless publications—including, but not limited to, Forbes Magazine, CNBC, and USA Today as well as sitting on the esteemed Technology Channel Partners advisory board (a nationally recognized group of independent communications professionals).

Week In Review

  1. End of school cell ban a boon for kids, bust for businesses
  2. New York City Suspends 5 Out Of 6 Uber Bases
  3. Electronics Must Be Recycled Under NYS Law, Effective This starting 2015
  4. Apple: First-week app sales in January set new record
  5. CES showcases the connected life



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