The Health of Things

25 01 2015

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The “Internet of Things” is a term that is being floated around a lot, but what about the “Health of Things”. What lies in the intersection of Healthcare and the Internet of Things? Luckily we’ve called Mac Gambill to explore this new territory with us.

Mac Gambill co-founder and CEO of Nudge, is an entrepreneur who has experience in the technology and fitness industries.

Hailing from a background in semi-professional sports and technology, Mac decided to found Nudge in order to help people lead healthier lives. The health tech company offers insight into individuals’ lifestyle choices by curating and analyzing data from health and fitness apps and wearables and providing a simple, and unified feedback system to users.

Week In Review

  1. New York Is Considering Letting You Pay For The Subway With Your Smartphone
  2. Twitter accounts of New York Post and news agency UPI hacked
  3. New York Times, AP to Start Testing Drones for Reporting
  4. Microsoft Windows 10 and HoloLens Shows Innovation Is Back in Redmond
  5. Samsung launches Portable 1TB SSD Drive



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