Hybrid Clouds: The Practical Solution

10 05 2015

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As enterprises consider the use of cloud computing as an adjunct to or a replacement for their own IT infrastructure, it is important to really understand what cloud computing really is, what it is not and who is responsible for addressing performance and reliability issues when they arise. Evaluating this type of move requires a number of different types of expertise. Some of these will be discussed during the show. Another consideration is what enterprises should do with their data centers now that some or all of the workloads have moved elsewhere.

Daniel Kusnetzky, Analyst and Founder of Kusnetzky Group LLC, is responsible for research, publications, and operations. Mr. Kusnetzky has been involved with information technology since the late 1970s.

Before founding Kusnetzky Group LLC, Mr. Kusnetzky held the positions of VP of Research Services at The 451 Group, Executive VP of Corporate and Marketing Strategy at Open-Xchange, VP of System Software Research at International Data Corporation, and Intel/UNIX business manager at Digital Equipment Corporation. This allows him to understand the entire product life cycle of hardware, software and professional services.

Week In Review

  1. Witness Wins The Disrupt NY 2015 Hackathon Grand Prize, Picorico And MoolahMe Are Runners Up
  2. New York City’s newest rock stars: the IT boys
  3. With custom videos, Post sells New York nostalgia
  4. Extra life: Nintendo reverses fortune, turns profit
  5. Foursquare finally relents: Mayorships are coming back in Swarm



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