Managing Sensitive Company Info in the Age of Social Media

11 10 2015

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James Pooley is the author of Secrets: Managing Information Assets in the Age of Cyberespionage. He provides international strategic and management advice in patent and trade secret matters, performs pre-litigation investigation and analysis, and consults on information security programs.

Mr. Pooley recently completed a five-year term as deputy director general at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, where he was responsible for management of the international patent system (PCT). He has also taught trade secret law at the University of California, Berkeley, and has served as president of the American Intellectual Property Law Association and of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, where he currently serves as chairman of the board.

Week In Review

  1. Inventor platform Quirky files for bankruptcy
  2. IBM’s A.I. System Watson to Get New West Coast Home
  3. Mobile app is just the ticket
  4. Hackers Took Fingerprints of 5.6 Million U.S. Workers, Government Says
  5. GoPro stock tumbles over Apple concerns



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