Robotics and the Myths of Autonomy

18 10 2015

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An expert in the field of robotics, David Mindell regularly presents at industrial and research venues such as Lufthansa, Apple, Google, Fedex, NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and The Explorer’s Club. Mindell has twenty-five years of experience as an engineer in the field of undersea robotic exploration and is a veteran of more than thirty oceanographic expeditions. Mindell is also the founder of Humatics Corporation, which launches in fall 2015. Humatics pioneers a new vision of robotics with the goal of “automating people in” to make Situated Autonomy where robots work within human environments and create value.

Week In Review

  1. Fast-growing social-media firm VaynerMedia expands to London
  2. Google bids on Bloomberg’s bank-backed chat rival
  3. JetBlue Will Provide Free WiFi on Every Plane by 2016
  4. VW Will Recall 8.5 Million Rigged Diesels After German Hard Line
  5. DRM for JPEG? Standards group could make it happen



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