Better Giving Through Technology

27 12 2015

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Patrick Coleman serves as president and chief executive officer of Coleman Group Consulting, which focuses on increasing the financial health and performance of client organizations through strategic sourcing. As an extension of this work with clients in the nonprofit sector, Patrick and his team developed GiveCentral, a web-based donation platform designed to improve fundraising efforts by making it easier for donors to give, for nonprofits to connect with donors and for administrators to efficiently manage it all. His diverse educational pursuits include a Master of Management Degree from Northwestern University; a Master of Divinity and Baccalaureate in sacred theology from University of St. Mary of the Lake, and a B.S. in foreign service from Georgetown University.

Week In Review

  1. Schumer calls for probe of infrastructure computer breaches
  2. Gonzalez: Big school contract revealed, spurring NYC to seek new deal that saves millions
  3. Yahoo will now tell you if your account is attacked by government hackers
  4. No more passwords! Google trials system that lets you use settings on your PHONE to log into accounts



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