CES 2016 Review

10 01 2016

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Josh, also known as “The Technologist”, joined the Abt team of experts in 2004 as a representative in the Small Electronics Department. Working for the company runs in the family for Josh, as his father is a former employee, while his uncle and cousin currently work at Abt. A year after being hired, Josh spearheaded the Apple Boutique opening and now serves as its manager. He has appeared on numerous television shows including ABC, NBC, FOX and WGN and has been quoted in many publications including USA Today, Reuters, the LA Times, and the Daily Herald

Week In Review

  1. Yahoo hears fresh shakeup call from activist investor
  2. Fort Drum soldiers to get solar industry training
  3. Jets test virtual-reality experience
  4. Amazon’s now selling its own brand of ARM processors for the connected home
  5. UV Wearables Get Stretchy in a Patch