Off Grid Technology

28 02 2016

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Today’s show will be about philosophy and science of off grid renewable energy, and how anyone can apply minimal resources to cut the cord. Listen as we discuss DIY wind, biomass energy, upcycling, cost of small scale personal systems, differences in energy production/conservation, heating and cooling, etc.

Co-Ownerof Liberator LLC, manufacturer and designer of the first and only NRTL listed to UL-1482 Rocket Heater wood stove, good experience in gasification technology to run internal combustion engines.

Mr. Huddleston attended North County Tech for mechanical drafting, architectural design, and geospatial engineering, and has also done work with passive solar energy and DIY wind power.

Week In Review

  1. Soon, New Yorkers will be able to use smartphones to feed parking meters
  2. Rainbow Bagels Go Viral, and Multiply
  3. Airbnb admits that it purged 1,500 unflattering New York listings right before data release
  4. Microsoft Backs Apple in FBI Battle
  5. Google Docs now lets you dictate formatting edits



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