Making Wearable Tech More Wearable

8 05 2016

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Keith McMillen is the CEO of BeBop Sensors in Berkeley, California. The company provides sensor solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers, ranging from complete wireless solutions to custom apps. The company evolved from McMillen’s company, Keith McMillen Instruments, which builds electronic musical instruments and stage equipment, which includes the smart fabric. In 2015, BeBop Sensors was named as one of the best pieces of technology to come out of the IDTechEX Show, and received Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Technology Innovation Award.

Week In Review

  1. This site helped New Yorkers raid their closets for a 2 million dollar payday
  2. The first-ever IMAX cycling studio is opening in Brooklyn
  3. You can now tinker with IBM’s quantum computer over the web
  4. Netflix now lets you control how much data it uses when streaming from your smartphone
  5. Your Periscope broadcasts can now live on forever



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