How Marketing Technology Dependence is Killing Your Business

12 06 2016

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Coughlin has 12 years of experience of working in the digital marketing space with core competencies in marketing analytics consulting, search engine optimization, social media, global paid search management, and video production.

Throughout his career, Coughlin gained a wide range of knowledge and experience working with global companies in almost every industry, including Sony Music, SAP, Four Seasons Hotels, Humana, and Boston Globe.

With a bachelor¹s degree from Boston University, Coughlin is the owner of Digital Blue Creative, a full-service digital advertising agency in Boston.

Week In Review

  1. NYC Touts Growth of Biz Employment, Push for Diversity with Film Commission’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
  2. Schneiderman puts Charter on notice over Time Warner’s spotty Internet
  3. Manufacturing Is Making It Again in New York City
  4. Tinder Bans Users Under 18
  5. Pebble app looks to tell you when you’re at your happiest



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