Apple WWDC 2016

19 06 2016

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John C. Welch is the Assistant Director of Technology Services for the Northwest Regional Datacenter at The Florida State University. He has been a long-time speaker at many IT-focused Apple conferences, written or helped write three books in the Apple IT space, along with far too many magazine and website articles to count. He has been dealing with all things Macintosh since the Lisa, and has been involved with networking and the Mac in IT for over twenty years. It is rumored that he has non-computer parts of his life as well, such as his son, Alex, his amazingly talented wife, Melissa, his guitar, and a long involvement with Korean Martial Arts.

Week In Review

  1. New York’s Right to Repair is running out of time
  2. NY measure would establish electronic prescription option
  3. Senate votes to legalize online poker gambling in New York
  4. Condé Nast buys tech site, expands digital presence
  5. Sports Illustrated pushes into tech coverage in search of young readers



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