Technology in the Kitchen

24 07 2016

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Ken Immer is Former Chef and butcher turned ‘ecstatic living activist’ dropped traditional French cuisine for a yoga mat, and everything in his life changed. This is where he found his purpose, conquered his addictions, and lost 50 pounds.

Ken works with many others at Culinary Health Solutions, where they use technology and traditional Culinary techniques to develop health eating plans for individuals.

In addition to being the Chief Culinary Officer of CHS, he is an adjunct Chef professor at The Culinary Institute of Charleston.

Week In Review

  1. Venture-capital funding in New York City plunges from a year ago
  2. Airbnb’s new ad campaign urging Gov. Cuomo to veto crackdown bill will use hosts to tout benefits of home-sharing
  3. Kickstarter Just Did Something Tech Startups Never Do: It Paid a Dividend
  4. Google Is Making Use of Its DeepMind Investment
  5. U.S. indicts KAT file sharing owner for copyright infringement



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