The Human element in Cyber Attacks

31 07 2016

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Richard Aborn talks about how human behavior and decision making expose users to cyber attacks and how the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City is using technology influence behavior change in order to prevent crime.

Richard Aborn is president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City a nonprofit organization that develops and implements innovative solutions to some of the most vexatious crime problems with a focus on preventing crime. Mr. Aborn applies his more than 30 years experience in criminal prosecution and litigation, policy development, management and government affairs to advise police departments, criminal justice agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations in the United States and Europe on both strategic and operational issues.

Week In Review

  1. A Digital Portal Into Distant Cultures
  2. Wind, nuclear advance as NY moves ahead with energy plan
  3. B12, a startup that build websites with A.I. and human help, raises $12.4 million
  4. Mercedes-Benz created a heavy-duty electric truck for making city deliveries
  5. Tumblr to introduce ads across all blogs



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