Tutor Technology

21 08 2016

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Tonight we’ll talk to Scott Lee, an edtech entrepreneur who aims to change the tutoring industry. Scott’s company Gooroo (www.gooroo.com) recently launched an app that allows students to find tutors on demand. Scott will discuss what led him to start Gooroo, why Gooroo is better than its competitors and his advice for aspiring edtech entrepreneurs. He will also discuss the gap between technology and education.

Scott Lee is the founder of Gooroo, which aims to change the tutoring industry with an app that instantly matches students with tutors. Prior to launching Gooroo, Scott worked as a senior analyst at J.P. Morgan, founded a niche online fashion retailer and created a nonprofit English tutoring platform. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management Systems from Columbia University and spent two years serving in the Republic of Korea army, which awarded him a medal of commendation for excellence in leadership and dedication.

Week In Review

  1. A Ton of Classic Macs Are Going Up for Auction
  2. Univision is shutting down Gawker.com
  3. Can Tech Tools Make Apartment-Hunting in New York Affordable?
  4. Twitter is making big changes to finally take abuse and terrorism seriosuly
  5. Amazon Alexa Can Now Control Huyndai Genesis



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