Fantasy Football and Online Gambling Woes

28 08 2016

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Dan Hill, a branding, reputation & crisis management expert and president of Hill Impact, joins us to share his insight into the landscape of online gambling and how recent regulatory actions against DraftKings and FanDuel will affect the future of fantasy gaming.

Dan Hill is President of Hill Impact in Washington, D.C., a communications and public affairs firm. For more than 20 years Hill has worked in and advised a variety of clients including professional athletes and sport teams, universities, public figures, and public and private sector organizations around the world. His portfolio includes multi-billion dollar international acquisitions, litigation and criminal investigations of Fortune 100 companies, hostile takeovers, corporate reorganization and bankruptcy, and defending the reputations of high-profile individuals including celebrities and titans of industry.

Week In Review

  1. The NYC subway may have limited mobile ticketing as soon as next year
  2. Bryant Park to use location-based data to learn more about visitor habits
  3. FBI investigating Russian hack of New York Times reporters, others
  4. Apple may add Snapchat-like video features to make iOS more social
  5. The world’s first network of fully self-driving taxis is up and running



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