Next Steps for the Gig Economy

30 10 2016

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Stephen DeWitt is CEO of Work Market, a role he assumed in January 2015 to lead the company in its next phase as the leading enterprise labor-automation platform. A 30-year technology veteran, Stephen was attracted to Work Market’s opportunity to help companies achieve digital transformation by adopting a cloud-based workforce and work management model.

Stephen previously served as Senior Vice President and
General Manager at Hewlett Packard, where he served on the company’s Executive Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Hewlett Packard, Stephen was President, CEO and Chairman of Azul Systems for five years, where he provided strategic leadership and visionary direction for the company from its earliest stages through product development and market entry.

Stephen earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Week In Review

  1. Look Who’s Smiley Now: MoMA Acquires Original Emoji
  2. Texas’ Alamo Drafthouse theater chain opens first New York City multiplex
  3. The new MacBook Pro is here
  4. DDoS attack on Dyn came from 100,000 infected devices
  5. Comcast Sues City Of Nashville In Last Ditch Effort To Bury Google Fiber



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