2017 News Years Technology Resolutions

1 01 2017

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Mike Arce is the CEO & Founder of Loud Rumor, a 7-figure fitness marketing agency that helps studios and gyms get more members. Mike is a marketing expert, as well as a business coach for small businesses needing help with marketing and/or sales. He is also the host of The GSD Show, a video podcast that provides incredibly valuable business content for fitness studio and gym owners.

Week In Review

  1. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba expands downtown Manhattan headquarters
  2. Eatsa uses kiosks instead of a wait staff, but lunch isn’t much cheaper
  3. Hedge fund titan developing software modeled on his brain
  4. Amazon tries to recreate Prime Day magic with the first-ever Digital Day sales event
  5. A single fake news story on Facebook turned a legitimate safety alert in Bangkok into a bomb scare



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