Bitcoin is Back!

5 03 2017

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“Drew” Hinkes is a Partner at Berger Singerman LLP’s Miami office, where he practices commercial litigation, with a focus on representation of court- appointed fiduciaries, and litigating technology-related disputes. Drew is a prolific writer and speaker on topics related to bitcoin, blockchain, and smart contract innovation. Prior to practicing law, Drew worked as a computer consultant and in continuity of business and technology audit capacities for Citibank.

Week In Review

  1. JPMorgan Software Does in Seconds What Took Lawyers 360,000 Hours
  2. The Lowline, New York’s Futuristic Underground Park, Tests LED Grow Lights and Solar Skylight for Plants, Shrubs
  3. How a typo took down S3, the backbone of the internet
  4. Google Vies With Partners as Digital Helpers Crowd Barcelona
  5. YouTube Jumps into the Live TV Streaming Fray



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