Smart Homes and Automation

23 04 2017

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Paul Whitelam is Group VP of Product Marketing at ClickSoftware, where he works with field service management leaders across a variety of industries. Paul has more than twenty years’ experience in enterprise software, working on both the technical and business aspects of many of the areas that are fundamental to field service such as mobility and sensor technology with Nokia, data management with Endeca, and machine learning, SaaS and GIS at clicksoft.

Week In Review

  1. New York May Allow Self-Driving Car Testing In 2018
  2. Tube Would Take Passengers From NYC to DC in About 20 Minutes, Tech Company Says
  3. The FCC is reversing its proposal to allow cellphone use on planes
  4. That Fingerprint Sensor on Your Phone Is Not as Safe as You Think
  5. Automakers aren’t thinking creatively enough about hydrogen fuel cells

Your Browsing History Will Be Sold

9 04 2017

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Alexander Heid, Chief Research Officer at SecurityScorecard joins TechTalk to discuss the recent ISP Data Sharing Congressional Bill. Alex discusses what this ruling means for both the consumer and organizations and what we can expect to see in the future.

Alexander Heid is Chief Research Officer at Security Scorecard, and is Co­founder and President/CEO of HackMiami. HackMiami is the premier resource in South Florida for highly skilled hackers that specialize in vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, digital forensics, and all manner of information technology and security.

Heid was a founding member of the Prolexic Technologies PLXSERT team. In 2007, Alexander Heid founded the Information Security Services, Inc. a full service information technology and information consulting firm. Heid attended Florida International University. He is a regular organizer and featured speaker at industry conferences.

Week In Review

  1. Yahoo plus AOL, now called Oath
  2. Virtual Reality Startups Get New Place to Connect
  3. Announcing the News Integrity Initiative to Increase Trust in Journalism
  4. YouTube won’t put ads on videos from channels with fewer than 10K views
  5. Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ suggests features to use based on your convos