June 13- TechTalk Hits the Road!

15 06 2010


TechTalk hits the road and covers three very neat conferences. Tom will first stop by CES in Las Vegas where he covers Microsoft technology and its auto capable possibilities, LG Magic Motion Remote, and LG 3D TV’s to come out in 2010.

After this, Tom stops by TCIP (Technology for Critical Incident Preparedness) and later on INTEROP. The show can be listened to by clicking on this link. [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN]
Come back Friday for a description of the upcoming show this Sunday.

INTEROP NYC 2009 – From the floor of the Javits Center

10 12 2009

We sent Tom on a mission to track down what was happening at INTEROP that our listeners needed to know about. Boy, did he brings us back some good stuff. We have great summaries of the sessions we were able to attend and interviews with some of the exhibitors that caught our eye on the floor.

For the first time in TechTalk’s history, we are releasing a show here before it airs on KFNX. Get ahead of the curve and LISTEN/DOWNLOAD it RIGHT NOW!

Happy Holidays.

INTEROP Segments [Live from the floor]
Session Summaries
-Positioning the Enterprise for Growth
-Cover your assets: Real Time Security
-Green IT: Start Saving Money

Exhibitors we spoke with
-Matthew from I2Y: www.i2y.com or www.stupidcancer.com
-Andre from Meetup: www.meetup.com
– iContact (Email marketing simplified): www.icontact.com
-Jamie Darby&Darby Intellectual Property: www.darbylaw.com
-Eric & Sharon from NetSupport (Software to keep your staff happy): www.netsupport-inc.com

-Michael from LifeSize Communications: www.lifesize.com

Our WIR covered:
Wrap’top Laptop

GAO: Security agency is making progress, but still falling short [NextGov]

Tracking a million converstations [Forbes]

We will keep you up to date on our next show! Have a great weekend and let us know what oyu think by email or on twitter [@imitechtalk].

Thanks to Joy and Natalia from INTEROP. We look forward to working with you guys again!

November 29 – GovTech 2009

29 11 2009

This week’s show [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN] is one of two upcoming ‘TechTalk on the Road’ shows. This week, Tom joins the GovTech 2009 event at the Brooklyn Marriott. Find out more about GovTech at www.govtech.com

We started 2009 with our coverage from the 2008 event. Once again, we’re glad Sal joined us as well as Craig Hannah from EMC and Henry Jackson from the Office of Emergency Management.

The show will air Sunday at 5 pm EST | 3 MST & be ready for download or delivery to your inbox by Monday.

Our second ‘TechTalk on the Road’ with our coverage from the floor at the INTEROP NYC show. We are thinking about making it available online before it airs on KFNX. What do you think?

November 22- Week In Review

23 11 2009

This week Tony and Tom looked at the “Insider Security Threat”. We hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, DOWNLOAD/LISTEN now.

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Now for the stories in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • Interop: IT Forecast Says Clouds- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • Solutions Are Designed to Boost Network Performance and Security- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • Interop Conference: Cloud-Computing Technology or Business Strategy?- Inside Interop Blog- [JUMP]
  • Interop Report: Cloud Communications- NoJitter.com- [JUMP]
  • Web 2.0 Expo- O’Reilly Warns of Web War- Information Week- [JUMP]
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November 22- "The Insider Security Threat"

19 11 2009

Long time guest on the show, Tony Bradley stops by to talk about “The Enemy Within: The Insider Security Threat”. He talks on where threats come from in companies and how companies can combine security and productivity in an efficient state.

The Week In Review portion of the show will also be dedicated to Interop NYC that is being held this week at the Javitis Center.

Tony is the ‘Chief’ Product analyst for Zecurion and is a syndicated writer for PC World. Tony has also been recognized by the Microsoft MVP Program for the past four years.
Tony always brings a great topic for the show, so do not miss it.
The show will air this Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 5 pm EST/ 3 pm MST on KFNX- 1100 in the Greater Phoenix area and can be streamed at this same time from this link.
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November 15- Week In Review

16 11 2009

Our show this past week was on the topic “How Young Generations Are Revolutionizing Retail” with our guest, Kit Yarrow.

Now, for the stories featured in this Week In Review. The stories this week are dedicated to INTEROP NYC, especially what all will be going on during this event:
  • Keynote Speakers at INTEROP 2009 NYC- Interop- [JUMP]
  • Riverbed Embraces the Cloud at Interop NYC 2009- CNN News- [JUMP]
  • Vyatta’s Dave Roberts to Speak at Interop New York on “Breakthrough Network Technologies”- Marketwire- [JUMP]
  • Attendees Ready to Spend at Interop New York- Earth Times- [JUMP]
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November 15- Waiting on the World to Change

12 11 2009

Kit Yarrow stops by this week with host, Tom D’Auria, to discuss “How Young Generations Are Revolutionizing Retail.” Specifically, Kit pays attention to what younger generations are drawn to buying, why this is, and is technology having an impact on this. Kit Yarrow chairs the Psychology Department of San Francisco-based Golden Gate University, where she has a joint appointment as a professor of psychology and marketing.

The show will air this Sunday, November 15, 2009 @ 2 pm EST/ 12 pm MST.

Listen on KFNX- 1100 in Phoenix, AZ or stream LIVE at this same time on this link.

Also, our Week In Review will dedicated to what is coming up and what is will be coming out of INTEROP NYC.