A KERnel-copia of information!

24 11 2010
Thanksgivingus Dinnerimus

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That’s not the first and probably won’t be the last Thanksgiving reference you hit on the web in the next few days*.  It does sit in a sliver-sized union on the ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘UNIX’ Holiday/Computer Reference Venn diagram I made.  Speaking of references, this week’s show ‘BROWSER WARS‘ is ripe for them.  For your sake, I am saving those all for the SHOW PAGE because Tom Gutnick is on the show this week talking BROWSER WARS on Sunday, November 28 at 5pm EST | 3pm MST.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in radio land and on the other side of the intertubes! See the previous sentence, this one, the blog post title and below titles that did not make the cut as examples how single exclamation points are where it’s at! Two is bit much and three is just trying too hard.

*Other blog post titles that did not make the cut:

  • This Week on IMI’s TurkeyTalk
  • A show you will gobble up!
  • Hey there, Pilgrim!
  • Listen up, Turkeys!
  • This week’s show is aMAIZEn!

DM us on Twitter @imitechtalk to let us know what you really think.

Lastly, if you are going to be in Brooklyn on Dec 11 or 12, Punching a Panda really relieves the stress.  If you made it this far, here are some articles to get you moving on your way now…


Pinkies up! Time for Social Media Manners with the Swami

21 10 2010
Mulberry Street NYC ca.1900. edit of Image:Mul...

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While we are still putting together our coverage from this year’s Interop in New York City that is just wrapping up, Tom will be on Sunday with Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami.  Shashi was at BlogWorld this week and is going to educate us on social media and customer service etiquette.  Find out more on the SHOW PAGE.

Our RSS readers are going overtime this week.  Apple’s announcements, New York City made a big announcement about its relationship with Microsoft along with plenty of new product hype with companies looking to take any holiday dollars people are looking to spend.  Speaking of, we are trying to get our hands on some gadgets to review and bring to you.  If you have any products you think we should give a spin before you do, let us know by emailing techtalk@imi-us.com or sending us a DM on Twitter @imitechtalk.

Here are some stories to keep you busy.  This post’s picture is circa 1900 Mulberry Street from Wikipedia.

Feed me, Seymour! – Show Feeds

3 08 2010
Feed me, Seymour!

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Hope you listened to the August 1 show with Dick Davies [SHOW PAGE].  You can link over to the show and start listening as you update and add to your TechTalk feeds and emails…

Our podcast feed was on a show from earlier this year for a while.  Our former hosting site, GCast, stopped accepting uploads in January.  It took a while, but our feeds are back in business.  We were waiting until we could implement a solution that would be simple on the backend but include all the niceties users expect.

Those of you already subscribed to our Podcast RSS Feed should get an update with the most recent shows (through August 1) – same goes for those who get the show feed by email.  We are also happy to announce our new Shared News that you can get through RSS, Email or just check the webpage where the feed goes.

We know there is a ton of tech news out there.  We’ll sift through the pile to bring you what is important to you, both personally and professionally.

June 28 – Tweets from the streets of Iran & Other

29 06 2009

Listen to Julie and Tom cover a hot topic – how Twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube and other viewer created content brought the Iranian elections and resulting demonstrations to the US even if the major networks would not. Julie tells us about this and more on how technology is affecting democracy, increasing transparency and how people can become better citizen journalists. Reach out to her on the IPDI website at www.ipdi.org and on Twitter, @JulieG.

We also found that the viewer created content channel, Current – http://www.current.com, is covering the elections as well as, if not better than the larger networks.

Along with our Week in Review, Gabe Goldberg dropped back by to keep the scary out of your PC. Face your PC head on with links to boil down the babble and put your computer in its place.

Gabe’s Golden Links to keep your PC from being scary:
O’Reilly – www.oreilly.com
WhatIs – www.whatis.com (note:skip sponsored links for user contents)
Wikipedia – www.wikipedia.com
SmartComputing – www.SmartComputing.com

You can find more from Gabe on www.tiplet.com

Keep your RSS reader pointed to our feeds for blog posts to hear about upcoming shows and to our shows as they are posted. Tune in next week for more Cloud Computing and the Green House comparison Tom told you about at the end of the show.

We look forward to having Julie back and commend her for all her hard work.

Have a great week and thanks for listening!