What does it take to change 30+ years of autocratic rule?

5 02 2011

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140 characters? Well, not exactly but that puts us on the path to discovering that this opposition is not solely the result of Tunisia.  While it may be argued that was the final catalyst, Egypt’s voice of opposition has used social media for years.  Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and April 6th movement have learned many lessons in how to use social media tools effectively.  David Faris joins Tom this week to give us an in-depth look at the background of that movement and how it is culminating into actual change.

Jump to this week’s SHOW PAGE to find out more about the intersection social media networks and opposition in Egypt.

This week’s show was recorded on Friday afternoon.  If you have questions for us or David, you can send them through email (Tom will tell you in the show’s intro) or through Twitter.  We’ll be streaming from KFNX’s website Sunday, February 6 at 5pm EST | 3pm MST and have the edited podcast and Week In Review ready early in the week for download.


Bookmarks and Social Networking at Work

3 12 2010

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Now that you are as stuffed as the bird, let’s get back to TechTalk before we are all caught in the holiday rush.

Browser Wars

Our show with Tom Gutnick on BROWSER WARS is ready for download.  Along with the streaming show or download, we also updated the LAST WEEK’S SHOW PAGE to include a question from a listener about managing your bookmarks across multiple machines and Tom’s response.

And what’s on the menu for this week you ask?  Tony Bradley is back to tackle the implications of social networking at work.  What are employers worried about? What should employees know.  Our host, Tom D’Auria, and guest, Tony Bradley, will cover that and more on this week’s show.  Find out more about the show and our Week In Review on the THIS WEEK’S SHOW PAGE.

Here are some articles to keep you busy until the show comes on KFNX Sunday, 12/5 at 5pm EST | 4pm CST | 3pm MST | 2pm PST

A KERnel-copia of information!

24 11 2010
Thanksgivingus Dinnerimus

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That’s not the first and probably won’t be the last Thanksgiving reference you hit on the web in the next few days*.  It does sit in a sliver-sized union on the ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘UNIX’ Holiday/Computer Reference Venn diagram I made.  Speaking of references, this week’s show ‘BROWSER WARS‘ is ripe for them.  For your sake, I am saving those all for the SHOW PAGE because Tom Gutnick is on the show this week talking BROWSER WARS on Sunday, November 28 at 5pm EST | 3pm MST.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in radio land and on the other side of the intertubes! See the previous sentence, this one, the blog post title and below titles that did not make the cut as examples how single exclamation points are where it’s at! Two is bit much and three is just trying too hard.

*Other blog post titles that did not make the cut:

  • This Week on IMI’s TurkeyTalk
  • A show you will gobble up!
  • Hey there, Pilgrim!
  • Listen up, Turkeys!
  • This week’s show is aMAIZEn!

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Lastly, if you are going to be in Brooklyn on Dec 11 or 12, Punching a Panda really relieves the stress.  If you made it this far, here are some articles to get you moving on your way now…

Pinkies up! Time for Social Media Manners with the Swami

21 10 2010
Mulberry Street NYC ca.1900. edit of Image:Mul...

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While we are still putting together our coverage from this year’s Interop in New York City that is just wrapping up, Tom will be on Sunday with Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami.  Shashi was at BlogWorld this week and is going to educate us on social media and customer service etiquette.  Find out more on the SHOW PAGE.

Our RSS readers are going overtime this week.  Apple’s announcements, New York City made a big announcement about its relationship with Microsoft along with plenty of new product hype with companies looking to take any holiday dollars people are looking to spend.  Speaking of, we are trying to get our hands on some gadgets to review and bring to you.  If you have any products you think we should give a spin before you do, let us know by emailing techtalk@imi-us.com or sending us a DM on Twitter @imitechtalk.

Here are some stories to keep you busy.  This post’s picture is circa 1900 Mulberry Street from Wikipedia.

Where did you come from?

7 10 2010


Marshalite traffic signal. Formerly fitted in ...

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…Not in the philosophical sense, but in the genealogical one.  If you are interested in finding out, then this week’s show is for you.  Chuck Roberts joins Tom to tell us all about how to use your computer to build a family tree.  From general information on getting started to details about the best ways to organize what you find, this week’s show will give you the best of the digital and analog when tackling such a task. Find out more at the [SHOW PAGE].

Before the interview, our Week in Review will start and end with energy savings in data centers, move on through with smart traffic lights on to something else creepy about Facebook that may have slipped past you and your account settings.  And while we cover telecommunications, these fiber optics for the human nervous system from SMU and DARPA will look into the future of medical technology.

What it takes to keep NYC IT running

30 09 2010
New York City Marathon

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New York City‘s Information Technology infrastructure is a big business.  The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) Commissioner Carole Post joins Tom this week to talk NYC IT.  For more information on the show, check out the SHOW PAGE. What is the agency’s direction? How are they staying social? As a big user of energy, what steps are being taken to increase computing power and reduce the overall footprint?

That and more, this Sunday at 3pm MST | 6pm EDT.

Our Week In Review starts in the City with details about Mayor Bloomberg‘s announcement of the partnership between CUNY and IBM; we let you in on who wants to tap your texts; and help you get your online identity back if your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Facebook or Twitter account is hacked.

What’s that you say? You don’t say?

16 09 2010
Customer Service Centre

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Unless you live off the grid with your dog by the river, there is a good chance you have had run ins with customer service at one time or another.  Whether it is one of the big guys like AT&T, Comcast or a local business, you have outlets to resolve service issues.  Most companies will work with you to solve your problem, but what if you are dealing with one that will not?  Then you need to tune into our show with Gabe Goldberg this Sunday [SHOW PAGE].  Gabe and Tom will talk about Creative Griping after our Week in Review.

Speaking of our Week In Review – you’ll find out why you are paying so much for broadband (Still), why it is likely an engineer along with who is suing Google (well…at least one company that should be sued by Kareem Abdul Jabbar for taking the name of his signature shot) and much more.

If you can’t tune in for the live show on Sunday at 3pm MST | 6pm EDT, be sure to drop by next week for the edited show and links to all of our Week in Review stories.

Location, Location, Location

20 08 2010

location, location, location, location, etc.
There’s a ton of geolocation aware app news out there.  We’d like to say we planned this show to coincide with this, especially Facebook’s new Places release.  But that would be like Facebook saying the Places icon is not an implicit smack in the face to the biggest geolocation app out there right now, foursquare.  We are not the only ones who have noticed this…so does TechCrunch among others.

This Sunday, our guest Chris Hulls explains what geolocation apps are, what they are good for and how to get the most out of them.  Check out the SHOW PAGE to find out more and be sure to tune in Sunday.  If you are unable to listen, we’ll have Week In Review links along with the edited show available for download early next week.

Social Media Demystification & Tech-etiquette

5 08 2010
Nazca Lines, Peru

from NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr - used under Creative Commons License.

This week’s show ‘Developing a Social Media Strategy’ with Bill Seaver will put your company on the right path in the social media market.  Is social media for all companies? Should we have a plan? How do we put it all together? Bill answers these questions and helps you decide if social media is right for your company and the next step to take.

Our Week In Review will clue you in on Google’s new joint investment, and we Wave goodbye to a good idea with little adoption.  With all the big kids touting their cloud services, we’ll tell you about CloudSleuth – the radar gun of cloud services.  Those along with cheap PCs at a NYC tech bazaar (check the box before you leave) and more.

As tea time approaches, we remind you to check your Tech-etiquette.   Geoffrey Webb‘s “10 Rules of Tech-etiquette” article piles all your pet peeves into one place …or provides a point ripe for self-reflection and intervention about your annoying tech taboos.  How many of these do you do?  Will it make you think the next time you are about to check your BlackBerry on impulse?

Feed me, Seymour! – Show Feeds

3 08 2010
Feed me, Seymour!

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Hope you listened to the August 1 show with Dick Davies [SHOW PAGE].  You can link over to the show and start listening as you update and add to your TechTalk feeds and emails…

Our podcast feed was on a show from earlier this year for a while.  Our former hosting site, GCast, stopped accepting uploads in January.  It took a while, but our feeds are back in business.  We were waiting until we could implement a solution that would be simple on the backend but include all the niceties users expect.

Those of you already subscribed to our Podcast RSS Feed should get an update with the most recent shows (through August 1) – same goes for those who get the show feed by email.  We are also happy to announce our new Shared News that you can get through RSS, Email or just check the webpage where the feed goes.

We know there is a ton of tech news out there.  We’ll sift through the pile to bring you what is important to you, both personally and professionally.